Let’s meet the Lifeese Authors Panel.

Ryan Wilkinson

Writes on

  • Boats and Yachts
  • Two Wheels(Bikes)
  • Four Wheels(Car, SUV Etc.)

Car enthusiast Ryan Wilkinson enjoys spending a lot of time around automobiles. He is one of those individuals who has a deep love for riding and riding bikes. He is adventuresome, fun, and always prepared to advance for the things he loves. He has extensive knowledge of automobiles, including bikes, yachts, and four-wheel drives.

Regardless of the vehicle, he could respond to your inquiries regarding usage, maintenance, oil changes, and used vehicle pricing. He is more than just an enthusiast; he has conducted numerous studies and earned certifications for his knowledge of cars, bikes, and other vehicles. We forced him to write these enlightening and beneficial blogs to give you the best information about a vehicle you have or plan to purchase. Everyone feels compelled to learn every detail about the car they intend to buy to experience the fewest possible problems down the road.

Ryan Wilkinson is qualified for the writer position because he was formerly employed as an automotive designer and attended the Glasgow School of Art, Aberdeen Art College, and Lanchester Polytechnic’s School of Transportation Design in Coventry. He studied vehicle design for his undergraduate and graduate degrees. Later, he worked for a few automakers, which motivated him to learn more about cars and other types of vehicles.

In addition to being recognized and certified by the Royal Society of Arts, he received a degree in vehicle design. After receiving a diploma in 3D design, he also assisted a skilled yacht designer.

Logan Davidson

Writes on

  • HR Management
  • Financial Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Psychology and Counselling
  • Technology

He is not only a wonderful person who enjoys educating others and engaging in a fruitful dialogue with everyone from novices to senior officers. He is one of those individuals who began their academic careers while dealing with some grave issues, ranking the financial crisis as the most significant.

He didn’t start with a life of luxury when he entered high school; instead, he needed to work a part-time job to cover his high school expenses. He had nowhere to go and no one to turn to for support as he continued his education. He persisted in his obsession with passion, pushing himself to the pinnacles of success, and his diligence made everything possible.

The story doesn’t end here; he overcame the challenges of high school and earned a bachelor’s degree as well. However, later on, as the studies advanced, so did the tuition and other costs. Due to his passion for marketing, he also aspired to earn a Ph.D. in financial management.

Therefore, the struggle continued, and he came up with new ideas to keep moving forward and achieving his goals. He began working as a visiting lecturer in the high school where he was enrolled. He also continued working a part-time job to help him pay his bills. As a result, he became a top financial management expert. He worked for a multinational company as an executive manager as well.

However, he has always been passionate about raising awareness and educating as many people as possible. Therefore, he is not surrounded by anyone who wants to continue their education but was unable to do so because of the difficulties he had to deal with in his academic career. He is writing for us because he wants as many people to benefit from what he knows and has learned, which is why he is here.

He attended Kind Edwards School System for his earlier education and excelled in his primary classes. He was the type of youngster who was “once a genius, always a genius.” Despite his lack of privilege, he consistently got good grades by working hard. He received a scholarship for high school due to his dedication and continued A grades, allowing him to complete high school for free in the exact location.

After receiving his undergraduate degree, he began working as a lecturer at Thunderbird School of Global Management. Because he enjoyed learning, he also went to a few workshops to pursue some other interests he had always had, such as technology and psychology. With all the knowledge he had acquired, he offered counseling to a select few students. He is also a well-known certified board member who has recently begun working with us to simplify things for you.

Nathalia Andrews

Nathalia Andrews

Writes on

  • Bead
  • Tattoos and Piercing
  • Fashion
  • Skin Care and Hair

Who doesn’t enjoy fashion, after all? These days, fashion is a passion shared by both men and women. Everyone’s life involves some degree of fashion. Like everyone else, Nathalia is a massive fan of style and follows her own set of rules in life. Not just a lover but also a business owner and a fashion fan.

She raises the bar for fashion. Although you should be aware that style is more than just clothing, it’s not just about dressing. Fashion refers to dressing, styling, and living your life that is distinctive and admired. Nathalia collaborates with a team of social workers who promote the idea of living your life doing what you do best and what suits you.

She also owns a small but successful business that consists of a boutique filled with her original dresses. She also plans charitable events based on fashion shows that feature all her designed items. All of the funds raised by these fashion shows are donated to charitable trusts that provide food and care for the homeless.

After earning her bachelor’s degree in arts and crafts, Nathalia completed some specialized coursework, including training in the fashion industry. She took her training in the fashion industry very seriously and quickly transitioned from arts and crafts to dress design because it was the best she could do. She also briefly worked as a stylist to learn how to do her makeup and hairstyles. But because she picked up new skills quickly, she ultimately decided to pursue hairdressing as a side job.

After all of this success, she developed an idea of her own, which helped her become a fashion stylist who won awards.

Both men and women are welcome in Nathalia’s workplace. She only creates dresses for women but doesn’t mind doing hairstyles and getting tattoos as a side hustle. If we neglected to mention it, Nathalia increased her knowledge by enrolling in a brief course on tattoos and piercing from “Johnny Tattoos.”

She did everything she could to become the best fashion designer in her region- I mean everything—she knows absolutely everything there is to know about fashion. This includes various hairstyles, hair coloring techniques, braiding techniques, what footwear to wear with what kind of clothing, what to wear to a party, and what to buy for a wedding. What kind of tattoo should you get if it’s your first time?

What hairstyle would complement your tattoo and attitude right now? Plus, a lot more. She won’t let you down if you love fashion even a little bit as much as Nathalia does.

Morgan Davies

travels like a cloud and flies like a bird. The person who understands how to remain happy and make other people happy is Morgan.

Writes on

  • Sea life (Sea animals, etc.)
  • Traveling
  • Camping

There is a lot to say about Morgan Davies to give you a brief introduction, but we won’t know much more because you can learn the rest by reading his blogs, and once you do, you won’t be able to stop thanking us for hiring him to write travel blogs.

Morgan Davies is a vibrant individual. Everything that occurs in his life is enjoyable, regardless of whether it’s the morning or time for a cup of coffee. Above all else, he enjoys telling others about all of his experiences.

He doesn’t just come from the wanderers who go to remote areas like woods to escape from other people and the outside world. Instead, he is the type of person who travels the world to meet new people and experience different cultures and climates.

Entrepreneur Morgan is a professional artist who also loves to travel. He wouldn’t let you bore him once you started talking to him. He also always has so much to say that you want to always listen to him. He enjoys exploring new places and is not afraid to face difficulties.

He thinks you should always take the chance to try something new because life is too short to be afraid of anything or spend it alone and fearfully in a hole. You should make the most of your life while you still have it because it is a blessing. These everyday activities, such as going online, playing video games, and going about your daily business, leave you with fewer memories and more regrets that you could have improved your life rather than wasting it away.

Let me briefly describe a few of his most memorable experiences. Over his 42 years, Morgan has visited numerous locations. He has visited India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and Turkey and extensively toured Australia. In the Golden Temple in Amritsar, Goa (India), the Nuwara Eliya Garden in Sri Lanka, the Eti Underwater World in Eskisehir (Turkey), the Longshaw Campsite in Malaysia, the Cape to Cape Track in Margaret River (Western Australia), and the Great Ocean Walk in Victoria (Australia), he had some life-changing experiences.

Was he getting enthusiastic already? We will take you to every location he has visited, so don’t be concerned. And write about all of his experiences in his own original stories.

One of Australia’s well-known schools, Pacific Training Group, is where Morgan received his early education. He attended Sydney College of the Arts after finishing elementary and high school, where he earned a master’s degree in fine arts and began painting professionally. After that, he began saving money and traveling the world because he was self-reliant and passionate. He began by traveling around his own country, and as a bonus, he discovered how to paint the natural world’s beauty. As a result, he almost always travels with his painting supplies.

Rylie Carter

This is an example of inspiration that all homemakers need to see. Rylie Carter served as an inspiration for those who feel useless after becoming a parent.

Writes on

  • Gardening
  •  Home
  •  Food and Dining

A perfect housewife who has the strength and courage to invest time and energy in her home’s interior and garden. What would you anticipate of a housewife? To look after children and perform housework, correct? That is what homemakers do. However, some women have passions for other things as well. While being homemakers and performing all household duties, they find time for their strengths. We are talking specifically about Rylie Carter’s life story.

She is a mother of three children and quit her job when her children were very young so she could stay home with them full-time. Later, though, she realized she couldn’t be squandering her talents. She was so painfully struck by the notion of doing something as opposed to doing nothing that she began looking into ways to decorate her house, create a home garden, and prepare new foods.

Although it was challenging to do everything besides care for the kids and the house, she persisted in her efforts. She continued to carve out brief periods for her hobbies, and her skills improved over time. She began enrolling in workshops and courses to learn things she didn’t already know about gardening and home design as her children grew older. She was always an expert cook, however.

She received assistance from workshops like Royal Botanical Gardens and Wayfair Home Décor to hone her abilities and do what she could already do perfectly.

Rylie understood that nothing could stop you when you have the ability and the desire to do something. After finishing those courses, she began renovating her home and garden from scratch. She wasn’t sure how it would turn out, but she was enthusiastic. And all you need to get something done is talent and passion.

She then began to modify her house like a miracle. She handled every task on her own. She also decorated her bedroom and children’s rooms, but her living room was a work of art once she was finished. After her home décor looked great, she worked on her garden in the same manner and at the same time. Since her garden hasn’t been huge, she also purchased some indoor plants. She also planted some vegetables but only chose those that didn’t require much room or special attention.

However, she did her best with them, and in the end, no one could tell that it was only a tiny house garden after seeing her lush garden. She was delighted and overjoyed with her excellent work. And at that point, she began receiving requests from friends and family to help them with their interior design projects and gardens, which of course, wasn’t free of charge. That is how her company, “Clean and Green Homes,” got its start and expanded.

Rylie began her education at the Trebas Institute in her neighborhood before transferring to Northeastern University Toronto to complete her undergraduate and graduate degrees. She completed her education with a focus on hotel management, which led to a good job that she left after having her third child. She started what she had always wanted to do but had never had the opportunity to do.

Philip Gordon

As his mother referred to him, Philip is a self-made hero who overcame the most difficult challenges by himself.

Writes on

  • Health and Fitness
  • Life facts
  • Spiritual Life

Well, you know, men are men. Is there even a man who isn’t obsessed with fitness and the “all six-pack” look? Only those who are already married, you say? I kid you not! Whether they are married or not, every man is constantly concerned with staying fit. Yes, some don’t take going to the gym or maintaining a healthy diet that seriously, or they are too busy with other aspects of their lives to find the time. However, everyone is curious about the little tricks for building muscles and a lean, fit body. Everyone prefers an easy process.

Here, Philip Gordon is just a person who will motivate you to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life. Many people, including children and adults, have been inspired by him.

To stay healthy and fit, you must take care of your diet, daily exercise routine, walk, and sleep schedule. Fitness is not a one-day job; it’s a routine to follow for the rest of your life. Going to the gym and only doing heavy lifting will not benefit you.

In the United States, Philip Gordon attended Shattuck St. Mary’s School as an ordinary young student. Being a very average child who other students constantly bullied, usually those bigger than him, he never felt or overthought his life. He never attempted to address them because he believed he was powerless and that moaning about them would only worsen matters.

If he hadn’t met a sincere person who was his sports teacher and ran his gym and karate academy after school jobs, things might have continued in high school as they did in lower school. Jon never participated in any extracurricular activities or showed any interest in sports. But he undoubtedly had more stamina than he had anticipated. His sports instructor agreed and invited him to attend his academy. At first, Jon resisted, but when the bullying persisted, he paid him an unwanted visit.

Then, Philip Gordon’s teacher, Jack, started taking care of his daily schedule. He showed him how to develop his physical and mental toughness. He also gave him some self-defense instructions. His parents rejoiced that he was at least making an effort. Jon’s interest in becoming something increased as he became more involved.

After graduating from Loyola University Chicago with a master’s degree in health and nutrition, he left high school and college. He was so preoccupied with his teacher’s way of life that he planned to follow it professionally and took it very seriously. After earning his degree, he opened his own coaching business and gave free instruction to needy young people.

Later, he added a gym to his center’s expansion. But his main goal is to get people to follow a healthy diet and sleeping schedule so they can eat well, stay healthy, and grow strong.