The 19 Unique Wedding Venues

The site is the most crucial component of any wedding. It is the be-all and end-all of making the celebration outstanding for the most sought-after destinations, incredibly the most awe-inspiring destinations. Because the venue you choose will appear in every photograph and memory of the day, it is critical to select a forum representing the meaning of the wedding while also impressing all guests with its uniqueness.

Everyone’s ideal venue is different, whether it’s an English castle or a white-sand Caribbean beach. There are numerous options: modern or traditional, grand or intimate. To assist, we’ve compiled a list of the most beautiful wedding venues worldwide, all of which will ensure that the wedding is remembered for all the right reasons by everyone in attendance.

19 Unique Wedding Venues

1. Washington, D.C.’s National Museum of Women in the Arts

“More than just a charming and functional event venue,” Jackson writes, “the National Museum of Women in the Arts offers a genuinely unique cultural experience.” The museum is the world’s only major museum dedicated to recognizing and celebrating outstanding female artists from the past and present. “Have a cocktail hour while privately viewing some of the NMWA’s most significant works,” Jackson suggests, before dining on the mezzanine overlooking the Great Hall, “somewhere with a lot of space for dancing and mingling.”

Bridal advice

Allow your guests to remain on the mezzanine while you and your partner share your first dance, which will be both intimate for you and emotionally moving for your guests to witness.

2. Unique Wedding Venues – Ventana Big Sur, California

“The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Ventana Big Sur is the unique landscape,” says Jessica Sloane, an event planner, and florist. “It’s a beautiful combination of the ocean, the coastline, and the redwood trees.” A wedding venue’s natural beauty is enough to make it feel magical. Even so, when you combine five-star accommodations (such as glamping in safari-style tents and luxe rooms with Japanese soaking tubs) with award-winning service, you have a relaxed luxury experience that your guests will remember. It’s a remarkable and relaxing place to start your marriage, whether you exchange vows in the Redwood Chapel, which overlooks the beach, or in the snug comfort of the Loft.

3. Unique Wedding Venues – Sikelia, Pantelleria, Italy

Sikelia is a super-chic boutique hotel nestled between Sicily and Tunisia that offers modern tranquility, ancient influences, and an unrivaled Mediterranean experience. “It’s the best place to gather your loved ones for a five-star experience that blends the food and wine of Italy with the sunsets of Africa,” says Alison Laesser-Keck of Alison Bryan Destinations. “It’s a truly epic destination for those willing to venture off the beaten path in search of something exceptional.” Sip cocktails on the roof, dig your toes into the sand and tie the knot in an immersive ceremony in the middle of a field. Allow this opulent and isolated estate to be your playground.

4. French Quarter Wedding Chapel, New Orleans, Louisiana

When you combine the allure of the French Quarter with a Vegas-style chapel, what do you get? In the French Quarter, there is a wedding chapel. Clark describes the small room as “ideal for couples who want a little kitsch and a lot of personalities.” Whether you want a simple ceremony, the works, or the Second Line kit, a wedding at the Chapel will immerse you in New Orleans culture (A five-piece brass band will perform, as well as a police escort and parasols and hankies.).

Do you require the services of a voodoo priest or priestess? That is something they are also capable of. The Chapel has ornate wooden pews, overstuffed leather chairs, hundreds of Tiffany-style lamps, and dollar bills affixed to the ceiling—everything you could want in a unique wedding venue.

6. Unique Wedding Venues – Rome

Set a precedent for a long-lasting marriage in a city where this has been done for centuries. Visitors have come to Rome for generations to see the city that has been transformed by many of history’s most influential figures, including Julius Caesar and artistic geniuses Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Raphael, among others. You can make history by escorting your guests and future husband or wife to this timeless location. A wedding in Rome will be nothing short of spectacular, with stunning sights like the Trevi Fountain, Colosseum, and Spanish Steps hidden around every corner.

7. Unique Wedding Venues – Palm Springs, USA

Palm Springs is a sun-drenched oasis in the desert of Southern California. This destination, known as a hangout for Hollywood’s A-listers and the famous Rat Pack, will give your wedding a celebrity touch. Expect beautiful weather for your wedding, with more than 350 days of sunshine and less than five inches of rain per year.

8. Unique Wedding Venues – Sri Lanka

Pack your bags for a wedding in Sri Lanka, where you’ll be surrounded by a rainbow of exotic, vibrant colors. This magnificent Indian Ocean country’s diversified landscapes have something for everyone. A wedding in Sri Lanka would be unforgettable. From elephant-free rainforests to endless sunset-bathed beaches and time-honored Buddhist ruins, Thailand has it all. Aside from the abundant wildlife, ancient temples, and glistening ocean, you can also sample some of the country’s delectable cuisine. As a result, this is a standout option on our list if you’re searching for a one-of-a-kind wedding experience.

9. Unique Wedding Venues – St. Regis Abu Dhabi

“We usually look up at the stars to marvel at their twinkling lights, but can you imagine saying ‘I do’ with a whole mystical universe of them beneath you?” asks Lauren Grech, CEO of LLG Events. You can—as long as you’re not afraid of heights—at the St. Regis Abu Dhabi.

The most exclusive location is the helipad, located 49 floors up and accessible via a hidden elevator off the lobby. “It’s the highest active helipad in the Middle East, and it can accommodate up to 20 guests for an intimate ceremony,” Grech says. When you’re up there, you might as well have mixologists serving craft drinks and waiters serving caviar and oysters, all perfectly timed so you can watch the sunset into the Persian Gulf with only a luxe velvet rope and a security guard between you and the edge (yes, no railings to obstruct your view). “To properly celebrate as newlyweds, finish with the St. Regis’ champagne-sabering ritual,” Grech says. “After that, proceed to the Presidential Suite, the world’s largest suspended suite, to begin the celebration.”

10. The Ruined Abbey at Painshill, Cobham, United Kingdom

This is strictly for Game of Thrones fans. According to Teal Nicholson of LLG Events, the Ruined Abbey at Painshill Park combines the drama of a stunning castle wedding with the feeling of being in the middle of nowhere. “Combining a palace, antique gothic architecture, and this truly eerie beauty alongside perfectly manicured greens,” she says.

Painshill Park, an 18th-century landscape garden in the Surrey countryside, features a Gothic temple, Chinese bridge, crystal cave, Turkish tent, vineyard, and walled garden, among other attractions. This is undoubtedly a room that will transport you across the world and through history as you meander to take wedding photos. “It’s an incredible location for a quirky couple looking for a one-of-a-kind space,” Nicholson says.

11. Unique Wedding Venues – Amalfi Coast

If your wedding dreams include sparkling turquoise seas, make your way to the Amalfi Coast.

  • Cliffs are adorned with bright lemons and exotic flora.
  • A beautiful summer day.

This 50-kilometer stretch of Southern Italian coastline is a wealthy and well-known playground, with picture-perfect views from every angle. Choose Positano, Praiano, Capri, or Amalfi from the coast’s seemingly endless line of glistening islands for an unforgettable experience. Spend your special day saying your vows by the sea. You will be followed by a meal of fresh seafood and a glass of Amalfi Limoncello.

12. Unique Wedding Venues – Huvafen Fushi, Maldives

When people think of white sand and azure waters, the Maldives are the first places to mind. A tropical climate with almost year-round sun provides a haven where it’s easy to lose track of oneself. One resort that exemplifies this is Huvafen Fushi. Huvafen Fushi’s Ocean Pavilions, set 200 meters out over the water, are one of the most luxurious resorts on the Indian Ocean. The stunning stilted buildings, which face the sunset, are the epitome of pampered luxury. The master bedrooms have spectacular views of the surrounding countryside. Without a doubt, one of the most romantic sights on the planet.

The resort’s laid-back atmosphere will soothe any pre-wedding nerves, while the breathtaking underwater spa will ensure that everyone looks their best on the big day. The wedding will never have to leave the beach, thanks to Huvafen Fushi’s bespoke dining options, with the feast stretched out under the stars.

13. Unique Wedding Venues – The Plaza, New York

The Plaza Hotel has been the epitome of New York elegance for over a century. Because of its central location and Great Gatsby-style décor, the hotel has attracted the city’s high society since its inception. The excellent restaurants and sumptuous rooms, on the other hand, have continued to draw admirers from all over the world. This is complemented by the unrivaled service of the finest luxury hotels—discreet but always available and with an unrivaled desire to make their guests’ stay flawless.

The Terrace Space, located beyond the hotel’s well-known Palm Court, is a true jewel in the Plaza’s crown. Figured Italian Renaissance paintings adorn the walls, and imperial pillars line either side of the room, drawing attention to the front plinth, which is ideal for exchanging vows. The Terrace Room has 4700 square feet of space and, thanks to the beautiful crystal chandeliers that hang above it, can accommodate even the most elaborate weddings.

14. Unique Wedding Venues – Caribbean: Antigua

For your wedding, there are over 300 super-fine sandy beaches to choose from. Antigua’s most famous beach, Half Moon Bay, was named one of the world’s best beaches and is now a national park. On the other hand, Dickenson Bay has hotels, restaurants, and water sports facilities (a beach on the northwest coast). Antigua’s coastline is lined with coconut palms and surrounded by warm cerulean waters. In addition to its extensive list of all-inclusive resorts, it also sells wedding packages and wedding planners. (Also used as a romantic wedding backdrop.) If you’re looking for something less developed, head to the beaches on the south and southwest coasts. Because Antigua is famed for its seafood, you and your guests will be able to have a fantastic post-wedding lunch.

Fly to Antigua during the off-season, which runs from May to November, to save money. The rates have dropped, and the temperature has risen to the mid-eighties (though there is a slight hurricane threat). Do you want to be completely dry at all times? To avoid higher prices and crowds, choose a date between December and April.

15. Unique Wedding Venues – Far-Flung: Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an ideal wedding destination for couples who want an unspoiled tropical backdrop for their wedding but don’t want to sacrifice their modern urban tastes. Costa Rica is the perfect destination for couples who wish for an unspoiled tropical location for their wedding but don’t want to offer their modern urban tastes. It has two beautiful coasts just a short plane ride apart—one on the Pacific and the Pacific the Caribbean. In reality, this small country has something to offer every couple, which is why it is high on our list of the best places to hold a destination wedding.

Enjoy breathtaking mountaintop views during an outdoor wedding or reception, or tie the knot on the rim of a volcano for an unforgettable experience! How do you feel about sun-baked stretches of white sand? to you if you’re fantasizing about a beach party? Even though the country’s dense rain forests were once threatened by deforestation, many nature preserves, biological reserves, and national parks were established. Since they were built to protect the landscape, they are now some of the most naturally beautiful places to say “I do” (think: waterfall wedding). Ecotourism is prevalent in this area, so eco-lodges and rain forest bungalows, which are less traditional but equally luxurious, are another appealing (and romantic) option for couples planning a green wedding.

When Should You Get Married? 

Unless you’re marrying on the Caribbean coast, where it rains all year, you’ll want to marry during the dry season, which lasts from late December to April (the Pacific coast is drier). Temperature and humidity vary with altitude, but they are much higher along the beaches.

16. Unique Wedding Venues – Far-Flung: Australia

Why You Should Get Married Here

There are numerous reasons to hold your wedding in Australia, aside from the fact that it is full of unbelievably friendly (and active) people. Australia has beautiful landscapes ranging from metropolitan towns to the rugged outback, the amazing Great Barrier Reef, and upscale eateries with European, Asian, and homegrown spicing influences. And the local wines are world-class, so please your guests with an Australian Shiraz or chardonnay (or both!). There’s something for everyone on the continent, from scuba diving, snorkeling, and white-water rafting to outback trekking and exploring the Great Barrier Reef. For visitors who prefer their adventures to be a little more contained (read: Grandma and your five-year-old niece), Australia has several excellent zoos, as well as wildlife viewing on Kangaroo Island.

When to Wed

Because most cities are on oceans, the climate is usually mild and without extremes all year, but some areas can be scorching during Australia’s summer (December to March). If you plan to marry, make sure to remind your guests to bring sunscreen, sunglasses, and rain gear.

17. Unique Wedding Venues – Wayfarer’s Chapel, Los Angeles

Wayfarer’s Chapel is one of America’s most sought-after churches. The eye-catching glass architecture lets in plenty of light, creating a light and airy atmosphere. Through the windows, guests can see the surrounding trees, giving the impression that they are in the middle of a forest. The geometric style is intended to blend in with the natural surroundings, which the Chapel does admirably. The presence of majestic redwood trees adds to the sacred function of the Chapel.

The ceremony is meticulously planned, but Wayfarer’s Chapel’s naturalistic approach is what makes it so appealing. Natural plantings eliminate the need for floral arrangements, and the scale is ideal for small weddings. The Chapel is the perfect location for a low-key but unforgettable wedding, understated but rich in the sacred message of marriage.

18. Unique Wedding Venues – Mexico: Riviera Maya

Why You Should Get Married in This Town:

The Yucatan Peninsula’s coastal stretch along the Mexican Caribbean combines ancient Mayan ruins with palm-fringed beaches to provide a truly tropical setting for your wedding. Cancun is located at the peninsula’s tip, practically cut out of the jungle, and is brimming with major resorts and a raucous nightlife. Choose between a hotel in Cancun’s vibrant Hotel Zone, a boutique hotel, or a hacienda-style wedding in a Mayan village near one of the city’s ancient archaeological sites. The ruins of the ancient Mayan empire provide a breathtaking backdrop to the seaside town of Tulum. Playa del Carmen is an excellent choice for a slower-paced environment with its authentic rustic charm and beautiful beaches. There are also plenty of natural settings to choose from, such as a lush, tropical garden, a lovely eco-park, or one of the Riviera Maya’s famous cenotes or freshwater pools.

When to Wed: 

Winter has the best weather, but it also has the most weddings, with sunny, 80-degree days from mid-December to Easter. Spring break, which lasts from late February to early March, should be avoided. The weather is still pleasant in April and May, making it an ideal time to visit. The rainiest months are June and October, with hurricanes threatening until November. Humidity levels are uncomfortably high in the summer.

19. Unique Wedding Venues – Las Vegas, Nevada : U.S.A

The Reason for Marrying in This Town: 

Despite drive-through chapels and Elvis impersonator officiants, and the fact that you can always have your wedding and enjoy it at a blackjack table in Sin City, there’s another side to the city that’s making it one of the hottest wedding destinations in the country. Large ballrooms, trendy restaurants, and glamorous poolside settings abound, as do hundreds of resorts and hotels offering wedding packages to suit any budget. Visitors who aren’t betting, on the other hand, will have plenty to do.

When to Get Married:

Avoid the summer heat—the best time to marry is in the spring when the weather is mildest, and the summer heat dies down in September and October. Availability and rates are highest during the first three weeks of December, but prices and availability skyrocket between Christmas and New Year’s, as well as on holiday weekends (such as Valentine’s Day and Cinco de Mayo), big-game sports weekends (such as the Super Bowl and NCAA Final Four), and days with significant conferences or activities.

Top 5 Unique Wedding Venues Ideas

Unique Wedding Venues 4 FAQs

1. What Exactly is a Destination Wedding?

A destination wedding takes place in a country other than your own country. Typically, the wedding party and the bride and groom stay at the location for many days.

2. Where Can you Find the Best Destination Weddings?

Many locations are well-known for weddings due to their beauty and welcoming atmosphere. One of them is Santorini, a Greek island famous for its white-sand beaches, turquoise sea, and cobalt blue roofs. Fiji is a tropical paradise with palm-lined beaches, while Tuscany is known for its culture and romance. Several charming villages in France’s provinces are also on the list.

3. Can Destination Weddings be Less Expensive?

Destination weddings can be costly if the bride and groom wish to fly their families and wedding party there, but they are also less expensive. Depending on where you’re going, your local currency may be a good investment. Furthermore, because these weddings typically have fewer guests, the costs are lower. Some couples prefer to spend their honeymoon in the exact location as their wedding to save money.

4. How Much Does a Wedding Venues cost?

The number of people you want to invite, who will pay for flights and accommodations, and the wedding location all impact the cost of a destination wedding. As a result, such countries are significantly less expensive than others. A destination wedding is estimated to cost around $35,000. While this option is lovely, it should be noted that it is also costly for the guests.

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