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There’s no need to waste time equivocating: having back hair is a reality most men face. However, while having the bushy beard of a lumberjack maybe your ideal style for your face, not every guy is so keen on having back hair. Some men have very little hair on their backs, but for men who grow great tufts or patches of back hair, its presence can be a nuisance.

What Is a Back Shaver?

How To Shave Own Back Hair?
How To Shave Own Back Hair?

Unlike general razors or shaving devices for your facial hair, a back shaver is a personal grooming device explicitly designed to remove back hair.

It can be used to remove the hair completely or to maintain it otherwise better.

These shavers are larger than your available razor, typically featuring a long, ergonomic handle that allows users to reach all back areas with relative ease.

Back shavers are also available as either manual back shaving machines, electric, or battery-powered devices, depending on your personal preference.

Benefits of Using Back Shaver

How To Shave Own Back Hair?
How To Shave Own Back Hair?

A back hair shaver is specially designed to maintain or eliminate hair on your back. If you have unwanted hair growing where you don’t want, what more could you want?

But to make things clear, buying and using your back razor allows you to:

  • You don’t need to ask for help or go to a professional salon to get rid of back hair.
  • Save money that could alternatively be spent on waxing sessions or laser hair treatments
  • Avoid skin irritation by using the best safety razor blades for your device
  • Shave in or out of the shower, depending on your preference. While not all shavers offer this advantage – particularly electric back shaving models – most decent shavers can be used wet or dry shaving.

Plus, at some point, even if you use a styptic pencil or buy alum block, all the nicks and cuts you’ll get from using a low-quality razor will have your back looking uncomfortably similar to that childhood bout of chickenpox you never want to remember again.

Or worse, a visual parallel to the Bacne Backocalype days. Or, heck, if you still have issues with bacne, investing in a good quality back shaver becomes only more important.

Leave the redness, irritation spots, and patchy stray hairs in the past. If you have hair growing on your back that you’d banish to the Shadow Realm if it were possible – don’t make its removal harder than it needs to be.

A good shaver with a long handle will help you reach all the hard-to-reach spots of the back and – to be frank – get the damn job done.

How to Shave Your Back Hair ?

How To Shave Own Back Hair?
How To Shave Own Back Hair?

You’ve got a hairy back that you’d like to shave. It is feasible to shave your own back, but you must take your time and exercise extreme caution to avoid cutting yourself. It’s much easier to enlist the help of a friend or hire a professional at a hair salon. Continue reading to learn how to get started rid of back hair.


6 Ways to Shave Own Back Hair

How To Shave Own Back Hair?
How To Shave Own Back Hair?

1. This assignment is achievable but challenging. If you’re shaving your back alone, you could find it tough to reach the entire area. This may cause you to shave at odd angles, increasing the risk of slashing your flesh. It’s possible that you won’t have complete visibility of the area you’re shaving, and you won’t be able to see whether you’ve missed a place. Consider delegating it to someone else, such as a partner or a paid professional.

  • Use the safest razor you can find. Choose a razor with several blades and, ideally, safety measures built-in. A high-quality electric razor may be more beneficial to your back than a low-cost manual razor.
  • If you cut yourself, keep a cloth nearby. It’s unlikely that you’ll bleed profusely if you slice your back while shaving, but it will be painful. In the event of a mishap, use the towel to blot the blood.

2.  Allow enough time to complete the task correctly. Select a location that is private, well-lit, and simple to clean. A bright bathroom with a mirror, running water, and a tile floor is excellent. To make shaving easier on your back, make sure you have enough water and shaving cream on your hand.

  • Make use of shaving cream or shower gel that contains exfoliants. This may help you avoid razor burn and ingrown hairs.
  • If you rush, you’re more likely to make a mistake. Slipping up can be painful and unpleasant, but it can also put you at risk of infection.

3.  If you’re going to shave your own back, make sure you have a clear view of the entire region you’re working on. Make use of a large, clean mirror angled to give you a great idea of the back. Use two mirrors if at all possible. Use a hand-held mirror to concentrate on specific areas at a time.

  • A mirror will not only make shaving safer, but it will also help you know when you’re done. To tell if you’ve “missed a spot,” you may need to hold the mirror still and near to your back.

4. There are products made expressly to assist you in shaving your back. These extra-long handles will keep your razor in place while also extending your reach. Before you buy something, could you do some research on it? Determine whether or not you will be able to utilize this again and again.

5. Take your time and apply a generous amount of shaving cream. Shave with long, uninterrupted strokes across your back, and don’t be hesitant to repeat the process. Go against the “grain” of your hair’s growth. To ensure that you get everything, overlap your strokes. Patience is required.

  • Continue to apply shaving cream and water liberally as you go. You may require a large amount of hairspray depending on your hair covering.
  • When shaving near your spine and shoulder blades, use extra caution. Ridged portions create an uneven surface, which could cause your razor to bounce.

6. Take a shower after shaving to remove the damp hairs and shaving cream off your back. Using a clean towel, carefully dry your back, being wary of any cut areas. Consider massaging lotion into your skin – the shaving may have left your back raw and slightly unpleasant, and your back skin may not be acclimated to the tension.

How To Shave Own Back Hair?
How To Shave Own Back Hair?

Alternatives to Shave Own Back Hair

When it comes to removing the back hair, you are not without your options. In addition to professional back shavers, there are some other options available for your consideration:


Waxing is a popular choice for back hair removal, if only because it gets the job done fast. You’ll get your smooth back – but don’t get too excited because you’ll also be faced with the associated costs that inevitably accompany visits to a salon.

If cost isn’t a concern for you, then you can still reasonably consider this an option.

However, a couple of other additional drawbacks of waxing versus shaving are not being able to do it yourself in your own time and risking the growth of ingrown hairs that can sometimes occur from waxing.

It’s also not entirely painless. We’ll leave it at that.

Laser Treatment

Laser treatments can permanently remove hair from treated areas of your body and thereby prevent future hair growth, but it’s worth it to note that this comes with a hefty price tag.

It may take several laser treatment sessions to achieve your desired result, and these treatments can be expensive for the average Joe.

Shaving Cream

How To Shave Own Back Hair?
How To Shave Own Back Hair?

As with shaving, shaving cream is a method of removal that you can do on your own at home.

The results of using a cream are mixed at best and can be somewhat time-consuming due to how long you need to keep the cream on your back for it to work.

In addition, don’t forget to change your blades regularly, as needed. Just as you would replace the blades on whatever shaving device you use for your face or beard, the blades for your back shaver will need to be looked after as well.

The choice of the back shaver that will work for you is not something you can take lightly. Also, it’s not something you should try to save your money on.

A good back shaver will help you eliminate the annoying back hairs while making sure you don’t hurt or cut yourself.

The good news is that cutting is not an option; nonetheless, you should exercise caution and work around any moles to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

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