Mosquitoes are highly bothersome in our daily lives. The majority of the time is at night. How to Repel Mosquitoes Naturally in 12 Easy Ways? 

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What is mean by Repel Mosquitoes Naturally?

Repel Mosquitoes Naturally
Repel Mosquitoes Naturally

Repellents are substances that aid humans in avoiding mosquito bites. Anyone who runs or gambles in mosquito-infested areas will find repellents extremely useful. Repellents are designed for use on bare pores and skin.

Aerosols, creams, solids (sticks), pump sprays, and liquids are the various types. Repellents containing diethyl phthalate, diethyl carbonate, metofluthrin, lemon eucalyptus oil, picaridin, and ethyl hexanediol are recommended. DEET has been the gold standard in insect repellents for almost 50 years. Look for those energetic components on the label. Repellents no longer kill mosquitos and other insects, but they may help keep them from biting humans.

Permethrin-containing products are advised to be used only on clothing, shoes, bednets, and tenting gear—never on the skin. Permethrin is a powerful insecticide that kills mosquitos and ticks. Ticks, mosquitoes, and other arthropods are repelled and killed by permethrin-treated clothing. Even after repeated laundering, it retains its potency.

While label instructions are followed, permethrin-treated clothing should be safe. Products containing permethrin should never be applied to the skin. Spray repellents should be used regularly on both outer clothing and the pores and skin.

The types of protection vary. DEET repellents applied to the skin can be effective for 90 minutes to ten hours, depending on the product’s active component content and the state of the skin. Permethrin products sprayed on clothing can typically be expected to last up to six hours.

Natural and effective ways to repel mosquitoes( Repel Mosquitoes Naturally )

Repel Mosquitoes Naturally
Repel Mosquitoes Naturally
  • Store-bought mosquito repellents are chemical concoctions made with questionable ingredients such as :
  • diethyl phthalate
  • diethyl carbonate
  • N, N-Diethyl-3-Methylbenzamide (DEET)
  • metofluthrin
  • picaridin

While chemicals may keep pesky mosquitoes and other bugs at bay, you may pay a higher price in terms of your health.

If they aren’t safe for nursing mothers or children, they certainly aren’t safe for me.

In your pursuit of a simple, natural life, you’ll most likely be on a similar path of avoiding chemicals in the home and seeking out natural alternatives at every turn.

Here are some natural mosquito repellent alternatives:

Top 12 ways of Repel Mosquitoes Naturally

Repel Mosquitoes Naturally
Repel Mosquitoes Naturally

1. Repel Mosquitoes Naturally – Citronella

Citronella works well as a mosquito repellent. Citronella begins with the same potency as DEET in a dose based on dose comparison.

On the other hand, Citronella oil evaporates quickly, so it’s only valid for a short time. Furthermore, high citronella concentrations can cause pores and skin irritation.

Repel Mosquitoes Naturally
Repel Mosquitoes Naturally

Research has shown that 100% of citronella’s local utility can provide complete protection against three mosquito species for up to 120 minutes in a laboratory setting.

People travelling to areas where mosquitos transmit diseases may want to use a more potent artificial repellent than citronella. Citronella candles and essential oils should be purchased online or in a few stores.

2. Repel Mosquitoes Naturally Basil

Basil is a common ingredient in a variety of cuisines. It can, however, be a reasonably effective mosquito repellent.

The authors of a 2011 review examined numerous studies that used basil as a repellent. Some controlled studies in Kenya discovered that the potted plant provided nearly 40% protection against a type of mosquito that can transmit malaria.

The authors also stated that critical basil oil provided 100% safety against yellow fever mosquitos for more than 6 hours during a laboratory study. The oil was applied topically by the researchers.

People can purchase basil flowers from their local lawn center or critical basil oil online.

3. Repel Mosquitoes Naturally – Lemon Eucalyptus

Repel Mosquitoes Naturally
Repel Mosquitoes Naturally

Lemon eucalyptus essential oil contains 85 per cent citronellal. Because of its sparkling scent, it is an excellent product in the cleansing and cosmetics industries.

The results of each subject and laboratory study show that lemon eucalyptus oil can effectively defend against a variety of malaria-carrying mosquito species as well as the yellow fever mosquito.

According to a 2014 study, a formulation containing 32% lemon eucalyptus oil provided at least 95% mosquito protection for three hours.

However, because it evaporates more quickly than DEET, it has a shorter safety time. Lemon eucalyptus essential oil is available in herbal fitness stores and online.

4. Repel Mosquitoes Naturally Eucalyptus

The authors of the 2011 study investigated the efficacy of eucalyptus oil with a coconut oil base. For up to four hours, it provided approximately 93% protection against India’s filarial mosquito.

Other studies discovered that heated eucalyptus leaves provided 72% protection against mosquitoes for two hours during an area study. The leaves were placed on a warm plate over a range to purify the area during the experiment.

Eucalyptus essential oil is available for purchase online or in health food stores.

5. Repel Mosquitoes Naturally – Clove

Repel Mosquitoes Naturally
Repel Mosquitoes Naturally

Many people combine cloves and cinnamon in baking or as a fragrant addition to liquids containing lemon and sugar. Cloves, on the other hand, may help you avoid irritating mosquito bites.

Researchers combined essential clove oil with olive and coconut oil bases in a 2013 study, which volunteers applied topically to their skin.

The clove oil mixtures were effective against yellow fever mosquitoes for up to 96 minutes. Other studies suggest that methyl eugenol, a component of cloves, may be carcinogenic; however, those claims require similar research. People can purchase critical clove oil in a few fitness food stores and online.

6. Repel Mosquitoes Naturally – Marigolds

Marigolds, an easy-to-grow annual flower, have a strong odour that repels insects. To keep bugs away, grow them in pots and position them near your patio or front door. Marigolds are also popular in vegetable gardens and border plantings. They repel not only mosquitoes but also aphids, thrips, whiteflies, Mexican bean beetles, squash bugs, and tomato hornworms, according to NYBG.

7. Repel Mosquitoes Naturally – Peppermint

Other herbal mosquito repellents can be used in addition to peppermint. A 2011 study concluded that excessive concentrations of critical peppermint oil are potent. However, they were unable to locate any studies on lower concentrations.

A study published in 2011 discovered that critical peppermint oil was effective against mosquito larvae and provided 100 per cent protection from bites from person yellow fever mosquitoes for up to a hundred and fifty minutes.

Peppermint essential oil is available in a variety of grocery stores, health food stores, and online.

8. Repel Mosquitoes Naturally – Lemon Grass

Lemongrass is a herb with a citrus flavour that is diffused. It is an essential component of tea and many Asian dishes.

A 2015 study found that a combination of lemongrass essential oil and olive oil provided 98.8 per cent protection against the southern house mosquito.

Other studies discovered that topical application of lemongrass essential oil provided 74–95 % protection against mosquito types for 2. five hours during controlled trials.

Vital lemongrass oil can be found in herbal fitness stores and online.

9. Repel Mosquitoes Naturally Neem

Repel Mosquitoes Naturally
Repel Mosquitoes Naturally

In a small 2015 study of six male volunteers, researchers compared neem oil’s mosquito-repellent properties to DEET mosquito repellent properties. For three hours between nightfall and dawn, a 20% neem oil concentration provided 70% safety. DEET offered a comparable level of protection. It did, however, last for about eight hours.

In a study conducted in Guinea-Bissau, burning neem leaves provided 76% protection against mosquitoes for two hours.

Because studies on the effectiveness of neem oil as a mosquito repellent have been inconclusive, people who live in or visit places where mosquitos carry diseases should not rely entirely on it.

Neem essential oil must be purchased online.

10. Repel Mosquitoes Naturally Catnip

Catnip, also known as Nepeta cataria , is a member of the mint family. Catnip oil can be used to repel mosquitos naturally.

The findings from 2011 suggest that essential catnip oil is effective at repelling yellow fever mosquitoes.

In a separate study, extracts from the catnip plant successfully repelled mosquito species, including the commonplace residence mosquito, for at least 2 hours.

People should buy catnip flowers from their local lawn Centre and look for the essential oil online.

11. Repel Mosquitoes NaturallyThyme

Repel Mosquitoes Naturally
Repel Mosquitoes Naturally

For brief periods, thyme can be an excellent insect repellant.

Laboratory research has shown that local applications of essential thyme oil compounds can provide 89.0–97.3% protection against the commonplace place residence mosquito for up to eighty-two minutes.

Burning thyme leaves can also help repel mosquitos, offering about 85% protection for 90 minutes.

Thyme can be found in garden center’s, and the essential oil can be purchased online.

12. Repel Mosquitoes Naturally Lavender

Have you ever noticed how insects, rabbits, and other animals never destroy your Have you ever noticed how insects, rabbits, and other animals never destroy your lavender plant? It is due to their lovely fragrance, which is derived from essential oils found on the plant’s leaves. It is even claimed that lavender oil impairs a mosquito’s sense of smell! Once established, this plant is very tough and drought-resistant, requiring only full sun and good drainage. And, while it can withstand a variety of climates, it thrives in warmer temperatures.

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Repel Mosquitoes Naturally

Treating mosquito bites

Repel Mosquitoes Naturally
Repel Mosquitoes Naturally

Even if you use mosquito repellent, you may get itchy and painful mosquito bites. At home, you can treat mosquito bites by rubbing apple cider vinegar on edge. Applying a slice of raw onion or freshly cut garlic to the taste can also provide relief and protection against infection. Calamine lotion and over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream are also helpful.

Keep track of your symptoms and notify your doctor if you get an infection or an allergic reaction due to a high number of mosquito bites. An elevated temperature, pus or bleeding at the site of the bite, or stubborn scabs could all indicate a problem.

Consult your doctor if you have a severe allergic reaction to mosquito bites.

Consult your doctor if you have a severe allergic reaction to mosquito bites.

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