15 Places You Should Never Swim (Part01).

There is no better remedy to beat the summer heat than a nice dip of your nearest swimming spot swimming is relaxing refreshing in an excellent way to spend time with your friends. Still, you might not be aware of some swimming spots out there that look good in your eyes, and here’s the thing they may look good in your eyes. Still, they are not good at all for your health or your safety. Today we’re going to be looking at some of the places where you should never go in for a swim even if you wanted to. Who knows, maybe you’ll find one of these spots is near where you are. Stay tuned for the day’s best because I’ll reveal a link of crazy colors and my number one pick, which is also very tempting, but these are both places you should stay away from.

1. Places You Should Never Swim – Lake Karachay (Russia).

Lake Karachay is a lake in central Russia’s southern Ural Mountains. It has been named the most polluted spot on earth. Some were only poured into this lake during the 50s when the Soviet Union didn’t care too much about being super secure about how they treated their nuclear waste. Some areas of the lake are irradiated so much that if you were trapped around, they would kill you in an hour. The Russian government has started filling up the lake with concrete, so even after reading this, If you just want to go swimming, go ahead and do it. Take advantage of the opportunity while it is still accessible.

2. Places You Should Never Swim – The Boiling Lake (Dominica).

The boiling Lake hot springs and not necessarily the place where you can go out for a swim, but they allow for some relaxation and spoiling for your skin and your overall well-being. Out in Dominica, you’ll find a place called the boiling lake; at first sight, you might think this is a huge hot spring pool where you can sink and relax. Still, the water temperature is hotter than what your body can handle.

There’s a reason why it’s called the boiling leg, and that’s because there’s hot magma beneath the surface of the lake, making you reach boiling point temperature levels if you’ve ever messed around with boiling water in the kitchen, you know how bad that thing can burn to imagine putting your whole body inside a pool of water with temperature as hot as that though you’ll get a lot of blisters. You’ll probably die, so if you ever find yourself in Dominica and come across the boiling, you might want to avoid getting in it.

3. Places You Should Never Swim – Jacobs Well (Texas).

Jacob’s Well in Texas, unlike a boiling pool, sounds like it would be a fun place to swim. And it is, for the most part. The place is renowned for its crystal clear water, which helps you to look straight down and see well beyond any other lame lake. In the spring, the dangerous part is the series of underwater caves and tunnels below. Inexperienced divers who do not fully understand the dangers and advanced equipment needed in places like this for cave diving have underestimated Jacob’s Well’s challenge at their peril, and eight deaths have occurred at the location.

4. Places You Should Never Swim – Hanakāpīʻai (Hawaii).

Hawaii’s Hanakapiai Beach isn’t where you want your vacation to go. It might look like any other Hawaiian pristine beach where you can go surfing and wear a skirt of grass and whatever, but it’s a trap. There are very powerful riptides below, which have contributed to eighty recorded deaths. The beach is so risky that to scare potential swimmers away, there is also a sign with a death count written on it.

 5. Places You Should Never Swim – Samaesan Hole (Thailand).

A silent black hole of death has been identified as the Samaesan Hole. It is the deepest diving spot with a depth of two hundred and eighty feet in the Gulf of Thailand. If you want to plunge into this silent black death pit, you’re going to have to deal with heavy winds, navigating through oil tankers, low visibility, and the Barracuda. The US Navy used the place as an ammunition dump as well, so there’s always the chance to bump into the wrong thing and just blow yourself up.

6. Places You Should Never Swim – Eagles Nest (Florida). 

If you were to stand next to Florida’s Eagle’s Nest Sinkhole, you’d probably think it’s just a pond. However, you’d see the shaft that leads to underwater tunnels and rooms larger than football fields if you were to dive down. Three hundred and ten feet below the surface is the lowest point. It was shut down in 1999 as a result of 10 deaths. It reopened in 2003 after some individuals were unable to avoid diving into underwater caves. This now notorious and truly spooky sign is home to the caves.

7. Places You Should Never Swim – Amazon Rainforest.

The Amazon basin down in South America is the largest natural drainage system in the world in the Amazon River. This majestic body of water passes through the countries of Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela, Colombia, and Brazil with such a diverse variety of flora and fauna it is not surprising that some of the creatures over here are not necessarily looking to become your friends. They might be hungry.

You’ll easily become their dinner if you want to swim in these waters alligators anacondas piranhas and eels they’ll be quite happy for your visit. Still, I’m not sure you’d feel the same way the most threatening of them all is the one called the Candiru which is known to invade your private parts if you decide to urinate in the water. Whether or not this is true, I guess you won’t want to risk having an infection to find out, say on your boat and enjoy the view. There’s no need to swim here.

8. Places You Should Never Swim – Lake Victoria (Africa).

Lake Victoria peaceful, calming, relaxing. Lake Victoria has everything we look for in a swimming spot. It’s the world’s second-largest freshwater body and home to an archipelago of 80 islands, but don’t be fooled by its size. This is always like we’re around 5,000 people die each year how is that possible in such a serene environment the lake has its microclimate which means of the lakes weather conditions can change in the blink of an eye and are not dependent on its surroundings even going on a boat can be dangerous here one moment it can be warm and sunny when suddenly it turns into heavier rains, and stormy winds that easily break boats and Lake Victoria is a sight you don’t want to miss when visiting the African continent. Also, the fastest swimmers struggle to stay afloat.

9. Places You Should Never Swim – Hoover dam (USA).

Swimming at Hoover Dam can end in one of two ways you lose your life, or you get arrested swimming here is illegal. The main reason for it is the danger it entails for swimmers to get across this body of water. Many people have died as a result of the water flowing from the top to the bottom of the dam. And also, because of its many spillways, there are many turbines at the bottom that can easily suck down any swimmer that dares to come close.

Back over in 2017, a drunk bachelor jumped in the dam after 37 hours of partying hard. He swam from side to side and was able to make it out alive luckily only one of the ten turbines was on, which made the polling less strong than what it usually is; however, the police were ready to arrest the man after such a crazy action he was arrested and then released after he paid a three hundred and thirty dollar fine he says he doesn’t regret it. Still, he is one lucky man. It would probably have been different if all the turbines had been.

10. Places You Should Never Swim – Blue Lagoon (Iceland).

The Blue Lagoon has a pH rating of 11.3 in Buxton, Derbyshire, which actually doesn’t mean anything to you unless you are a chemist. Well, a major warning sign should be the fact that bleach has a 12.6 pH rating. It has an idyllic blue hue from caustic compounds in the surrounding stones on top of being a water body that is closer to being chlorine than it is to being something that will come out of a tap.

Despite signs warning people of the threat, it was not possible for people to help themselves dip into its beautiful waters. To stop people from swimming in it, it got so bad it had to be dyed black. That’s a pretty good idea. If you think about it that many other places on this list would take notice of it. Abandoned vehicles, dead animals, and human waste are still housed in the lagoon. So, yeah, it was a successful choice to die in black.

11. Places You Should Never Swim – Reunion Island (France).

Reunion Island, a French territory renowned for its surfing in the Indian Ocean, has recently become the shark attack capital of the world. Remember back when I said that because it had.15 attacks per million people, South Africa had lots of shark attacks? Ok, there are 8.28 attacks per million individuals on Reunion Island. A record number of thirty-nine attacks have been seen on the island, nineteen of which were fatal. Although no one knows exactly why the island has become such a shark hotspot, it has been suggested that it was due to the formation of a coral reef that attracted more fish, leading to sharks having more food.

12. Swimming Areas You Should Never VisitDevils Pool (Zimbabwe).

When you look at the pictures of Victoria Falls in Zambia, Devil’s pool, you immediately realize that such a place is not to be messed with, even if the country’s heat can be pretty exhausting. Still, there’s quite a famous swimming spot on the edge of these Falls, and the name is The Devil’s pool. This place is not forbidden or illegal to swim in but is definitely not the kind of place where you jump in to take city photos and define nature with sale fees.

This foreign pool is right where the water runs before going down the waterfall, one of the largest in the world. There are over 500 million liters of water going down every minute, so you’d better be ready to feel the pressure and the thrill of being at the top of such a dangerous place. Don’t go for a swim unless you’re with a local guy who can give you some safety tips. Also, this is not a place you should come to during the month between February and July. That’s when the spot is usually closed, and when the water levels are not favorable, you could always break the rules, but I wouldn’t risk it, definitely not here.

 13. Swimming Areas You Should Never Visit Nile (Africa).

For centuries, the Nile River has been of great importance to some of the world’s greatest civilizations. Still, just because it’s a relevant water body, it doesn’t mean it’s a perfect spot for you to dive in and swim. It’s not because of the strong current or the navigation that goes on, but because the place is full of crocodiles; yeah, I’m sure there are more dangerous animals. Still, the crocodile is very likely to end your life. If you were to encounter one swimming in the Nile every year, there are about a hundred crocodile attacks reported in the North African area of the Nile. Instead of swimming, jump on a cruise and grab a pair of binoculars to admire the amazing natural beauty surrounding the Nile.

 14. Swimming Areas You Should Never Vis Rio Tinto (Andalusia).

Rio Tinto, in Spain, looks as risky as it is, at least. Due to five thousand years of mining waste, the water is blood red, so ideally, you’ll be scared off before even dipping your foot. The river is highly acidic and is actually such a strange area that it is studied by scientists because it is claimed to be close to the conditions on the moon of Jupiter Europe.

15. Swimming Areas You Should Never Vis Blue Hole (Belize). 

These unique water formations are among the most mysterious places in the world’s oceans. Some of them were formed tens of thousands of years ago if these holes seem something terrifying to ordinary tourists. These places are the most popular attractions for diving enthusiasts, and this isn’t surprising the corridors of huge underwater caves go down so far that they can be explored endlessly. Even though many blue holes are not completely forbidden to swim, they still have some limitations and even a bad reputation.

This small piece of the sea enclosed by a huge rock looks incredibly beautiful. This 200-foot deep hole with maximum visibility of up to a hundred feet is located right on the shore under the water in the rock-like in many similar formations as an arch that connects the well with the safe this is just another trap for fearless extreme enthusiasts who overestimate their strength to avoid thoughtless diving you can dive there only after taking a special course and obtaining a certificate.

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