13 Places You Should Never Swim (Part02).

15 Places You Don’t Want to Swim
15 Places You Don’t Want to Swim

Water is fun, water is refreshing our life, but water can also be quite dangerous. I’m still up for a dip in any pool, natural or man-made, anywhere in the world. Going for a swim is always enjoyable, particularly if you live in a hot climate as I do. Sometimes bounties of the water can be misleading because if we go to the wrong place now, what looks like a fun and exciting trip to a pool can become a disaster. We’re going to be looking at places where you can never swim, no matter how tired or overheated you might want to stay away from costs; of course, some of you might be adventurous. You might have some experience swimming in dangerous spots. Still, You’ll find that these places are a no-go regardless of how courageous you are as When you’ve reached the very top of the list, you’ll see a spot that you’ll have to avoid unless you want to live the last difficult life. With that said and done, let’s get started!

1. The Ganges River (India).

This week, millions of Hindus are going to go swimming in the Ganges for the annual Magh Mela Industrial Age festival. Nevertheless, in all the good things, we get some bad things as well, and in the case of India, you see that what was once a beautiful, powerful flow of water from the Himalayas is a polluted river filled with all sorts of garbage and other waste that has certainly been a major factor in its growth as a result of the industrialization of the area. It’s also one of the riskiest swimming spots, too, And if you get used to river swimming, make sure that you don’t dive into it from afar and discover other interesting stuff that India has to offer.

2. Queensland (Australia).

I wanted I didn’t place the list on Queensland. After all, you can find some of the most impressive gifts from nature, such as the Great Barrier Reef. There’s also the Whitsunday Islands, which have some of the gorgeous beaches you’ll ever see. While it is Australia’s second-largest territory, it is also one of the places with the most deadly creatures in the world of saltwater and crocs stone, fish sharks, blue-ringed octopus, and box jellyfish if you’ve watched our You’ll know from watching videos about dangerous animals, of which there are plenty, that these are some of the creatures you can avoid at all costs. Unfortunately, all of them can be found in Queensland. It’s like a massive old mash-up of craziness. You’ll also see signs along the coast warning you of the possibility of interactions with these creatures.

3. Summation Hole Thailand.

If you enjoy out-of-the-ordinary experiences with some of the world’s nicest people, you’ll want to explore Thailand’s amazing food scene and cultural heritage, which this country has to offer to all types of tourists. However, if you aren’t used to hot weather, the heat can be overwhelming. However, there is nothing that can’t fix a trip to the beach, especially if they are among the best in the world. However, whatever you decide to do in this amazing country, to stay away from the summation hole is one of the deepest parts of the country you can dive into so deep that you won’t see anything once you come closer to the bottom. It would probably make it harder for yourself to find the way up and eventually bring you to the end of your life, especially as you are not an accomplished swimmer.

4. Gansbaai (South Africa).

The windswept waves of South Africa’s southern Cape indicate that winter has arrived. Winter means shark season, also known as gans Bay or gangs Bay. This South African fishing town is also located on the coast. It is popular with tourists looking to see whales. Still, it’s also known for its high density of white sharks in the waters nearby. Some visitors, on the other hand, love playing with sharks, even going so far as to get inside cages and go underwater to see these dangerous creatures. Since gans Bay has been the scene of many shark attack-related deaths, some people have opted to stay away and concentrate on other things. The boys have also given it the nickname “shark alley.” Around the same time, white sharks congregate in other locations around the world. If you ever make it to Gans Bay, keep in mind that this is the area where one of the beasts is most likely to attack you. Enjoy the whale and shark encounters, so stay out of the water.

5. Mono Lake (California).

If you google the name of this Lake, you’ll see how wonderful it is. Any pictures of this place can be used as wallpapers for your desktop or even be hung on the wall; however, its beauty is very deceptive because Mono Lake is one of the most dangerous reservoirs on our planet and all because of the city of Los Angeles, which began to grow in the 40s of the last century and gradually drained all the tributaries of the Lake the Mono Lake was drying up for 50 years and lost half of its volume before people noticed the environmental disaster of course measures were taken immediately, but it was too late because of the high concentration of salt the Lake became toxic and overflowed with all sorts of carbonates chlorides and sulfates be ashamed Los Angeles decided to correct this mistake but the project to restore Mono Lake could take decades.

6. Lake Kivu (East Africa).

White Key is a great lake in East Africa that is part of the African Great Lakes and is situated between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Because of its geographic location, it has seen some of the continent’s most significant historical events. This was particularly true in the nineteenth century when various groups fought for dominance, but another fascinating thing about this Lake is that, due to its explosive nature, it is considered one of the world’s most violent other words, this Lake erupts from time to time because its ground is unstable and influenced by the movements of a volcano in the region. Now, an erupting leg doesn’t mean it’ll blow you up into pieces if you’re swimming in it; instead, Leakey who releases plenty of carbon dioxide into the air, and if you know anything about chemistry and humans, you’ll know that co2 is a greenhouse gas, and if you know anything about chemistry and humans.

7. Lake Pustoye (Siberia).

Imagine a pond with crystal clear freshwater it’s not polluted by the emissions of any chemical plants, and all the numerous tests conducted by scientists confirmed that the water in the Lake doesn’t contain anything poisonous the only weird thing about the Lake is some small gas bubbles that make the water look like champagne or sprite. Still, these natural gases are also harmless. There were no catastrophes around in a word; it’s almost an ideal place in the middle of Western Siberia. Still, for some unknown reason, there are no fish in this Lake birds don’t fly close to it and it seems that all living things try to stay away from the reservoir why this remains a mystery for scientists so we wouldn’t advise you to go swimming in this Lake well just in case you never know.

8. Nyiragongo (Congo).

The top of the list isn’t exactly the one you’d go to if you needed to cool off. Instead, this is a place you’d go if you’re cold, similar to when you’re looking for hot springs in the cold mountains; however, these hot waters are not the same as hot springs. The naira going is home to one of the world’s hottest swimming holes, but those holes are also part of the world’s largest lava pit, so unless you want to boil to death, you do not want to use these swimming holes. Not only is it harmful because of the lava, but it also releases a variety of poisonous compounds that cause you to suffocate as soon as you inhale them. You don’t even have to enter the Lake to get these substances into your system; you can catch them just by hanging out on the shore.

9. Bubbly Creek (USA).

This pond deceives you because they’re not cute at all; once upon a time, there were swamps in this place, but the city of Chicago started growing. The Little narrow rivers were leveled to ensure the flow of freshwater into the city; nevertheless, several industries developed along with the city. All of their waste, of course, was poured into the first place available. Unfortunately, it was one of the river’s tributaries. Over time a huge amount of garbage accumulated at the bottom of the reservoir, mostly animal products, and the water began to fret. The bubble is some of you feel sick now well.

10. Yenisey (Russia).

It’s deadly dangerous for anyone who decides to plunge into it, and not because of strong currents or something like that. The number of various microbes in the water of the NSI exceeds any permissible standards. If you swallow some of this water, you can catch a bunch of unpleasant diseases that you’ll have to cure for a very long time, but this isn’t the only problem different factories are pouring oil products and other chemical stuff into the water, which not only can cause you a couple of chronic diseases but also spoil your health forever so don’t swim in the NSI even if you want to.

11. Horseshoe Lake (USA).

This Lake is great except for one little detail after several earthquakes that occurred in the area between 1989 and 1990 there were emissions of harmful gas which killed all the trees around the reservoir yes they still lie that reminding tourists of the danger because that has not gone anywhere the fact is that the emissions of this poisonous gas are still occurring and they’re completely unpredictable which means that one day you won’t notice them and another day they can easily destroy all living things including unlucky tourists.

12. Kipu Falls (Hawaii).

It is one of the favorite swimming places among tourists however the local authorities are seriously worried because instead of peacefully relaxing and enjoying the beautiful view the tourists jump into the Lake next to it from a great height and this well it doesn’t end well at best tourists can get different fractures and spend the rest of the holidays in a cast because of the numerous accidents the Hawaiian tourism department even intends to remove all mentions of the kid who falls from guidebooks well the locals say that the whole thing is because of the spirit of the waterfall which has a really bad character and doesn’t like to be disturbed by noisy tourists.

13. Fraser Island (Australia).

You probably already know what’s so dangerous about the beaches of Fraser Island. Yep that’s right, everything even though this place looks like a paradise you mustn’t swim near the island first of all because of these strong currents which can easily drown an inexperienced swimmer if you manage to avoid the currents then you’ll probably meet some poisonous sharks jellyfish and even marine crocodiles who will gladly eat an unlucky tourist for dinner, but if you think that you can avoid the water and live peacefully on the beach we’re here to disappoint you this is Australia therefore on land you’ll meet unfriendly venomous spiders and along with them some hungry dingoes so it’s better to choose some other place for recreation.

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